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Zara Bean Ground Vietnamese Coffee

Zara Bean Ground Vietnamese Coffee

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Zara Bean Coffee is a famous coffee brand in Vietnam, specializing in providing clean, pure and strong coffee. You can enjoy Zara Bean coffee at your home, office or anywhere. Zara Bean Coffee not only brings great taste but also happiness to your morning.

Size: 250g


The coffee style of World Heritage.  The quantity of Moka is limited, it is rarely grown from Cau Dat area, Đà Lạt plateau.  Moka's coffee quality exceeds other types of coffee.  Noble, incense scent, average bitter taste, delicate posture, slight sour feature.

Ingredients: Coffee (Moka 65%, Robusta 15%, Catimor 15%), Paysan Breton Butter, Whiskey, Vanilla


Arabica Cầu Đất is known as the World Coffee Queen because of the passionate scent, bitter taste, pure slight sour posture.  Water is light brown, clear of amber color is very beautiful.

Ingredients: Coffee (Arabica 55%, Robusta 25%, Catimor 15%), Paysan Breton Butter, Whiskey, Vanilla


Selected from the best raw material of Buôn Hồ - Gia Lai where the soil and climate are well suited to produce the Robusta coffee with the different taste and scent.  Strong bitter taste, light scent, pure posture combined with butter, wines, make products special for traditional Vietnamese coffee style.

Ingredients: Coffee (Robusta 60%, Arabica 25%, Catimor 10%), Paysan Breton Butter, Whiskey, Vanilla

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