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Han Coffee Vietnamese Drip Bag

Han Coffee Vietnamese Drip Bag

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Drip bags are single-use filter bags designed to brew a single cup of Vietnamese coffee. The bags are made of filter paper that allows water to pass through while trapping grounds. You place the filter bag on a mug and pour hot water over it to steep and filter the coffee directly into your cup. Drip bags provide a convenient way to make fresh individual portions of Vietnamese coffee without extra equipment.  They are great for on the go, camping, trips, when ever it's hard to brew, all you need is hot water!!

Flavors: Butter, chocolate combined with herbs, walnuts, almonds
Taste: Strong caramel, chocolate, pleasant bitter, sweet
Aftertaste: Deep, long-lasting sweetness
Roast level: Medium
Method: Dry processing of Robusta, wet processing of Arabic
Regions: Cầu Đất - Đà Lạt - Lâm Đồng, Yasao - Chư Pảh - Gia Lai

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