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Hancoffee Premium Vietnamese Coffee

Hancoffee Premium Vietnamese Coffee

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Han Coffee Premium showcases expertly roasted beans with a light and glossy brown complexion. This elegant appearance matches an equally nuanced taste profile. The beans' inherent flavors shine through notes of butter, chocolate, herbs, walnuts and almonds. Sweet tones of caramel and chocolate mingle with a pleasantly mild bitterness. This blend caters to discerning coffee aficionados who appreciate both subtle visual cues and rich, complex flavors. The balanced roast and blend profile allows the beans' natural characteristics to take center stage. Each sip offers a multi-faceted sensory experience with aromatic depth and sweetness. For true coffee devotees, Han Coffee Premium is a sublime representation of the bean.

Premium Blend

Flavors: Butter, chocolate combined with herbs, walnuts, almonds
Taste: Strong caramel, chocolate, pleasant bitter, sweet
Aftertaste: Deep, long-lasting sweetness
Roast level: Medium
Method: Dry processing of Robusta, wet processing of Arabic
Regions: Cầu Đất - Đà Lạt - Lâm Đồng, Yasao - Chư Pảh - Gia Lai

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John T.
My new favorite

Great value, thank you for the good service