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Hancoffee Standard Vietnamese Coffee

Hancoffee Standard Vietnamese Coffee

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Crafted from a blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans, the Han Coffee Standard offers a quintessential cup of coffee. Its dark, viscous pour produces a rich, opaque brew. The flavor strikes a mild, pleasantly bitter note, with aromatic hints of dark chocolate, fruit, and herbs. This versatile classic suits coffee lovers seeking an authentic experience. The smooth blend highlights the inherent flavors of the beans, making it an approachable option for enjoying black coffee or complementing with milk and sugar.


Flavor: butter, dark chocolate, molasses concentrate
Taste: dark chocolate, pleasantly bitter
Aftertaste: Deep sweetness, silky smooth
Roast level: dark
Method: Dry processing
Region: Yasao - Chư Pảh - Gia Lai


Flavor: dark chocolate, caramel, a little cinnamon.
Taste: Moderately bitter mixed with mild sour, sweet and buttery.
Aftertaste: Smooth bitterness, mildly sweet, long after taste
Roast level: Medium
Method: Wet processing
Region: Yasao - Chư Pảh - Gia Lai

Standard Blend

Flavor: buttery, dark chocolate, herbs, molasses, banana essential oil
Taste: Light sour, pleasant bitterness, dark chocolate taste
Aftertaste: soothing sweet, long smooth after taste
Roast Level: Dark
Method: Dry processing
Region: Yasao - Chư Pảh - Gia Lai

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