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Mr. Viet

Mr. Viet Ground Coffee

Mr. Viet Ground Coffee

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Size: 250g

Freshly roasted Vietnamese coffee prepared in accordance with the traditions of Vietnam. There is a special attitude to coffee here: Vietnamese people love to drink it, they love to grow it, and they love to take care of it and talk about it. We want to convey these subtleties to you: carefully, with the same love as the Vietnamese do. We want to show you this coffee and let you feel it!

Good Morning Vietnam

Strong bready, nutty flavor. The taste is dominated by shades of bitter cocoa and roasted cereals.

Tasting Notes: Nuts and dark cocoa

Ingredients: Coffee (Robusta 100%)

Street Coffee

Traditional Vietnamese coffee blend waking up millions of people every morning from tropical jungles of Mekong river to the chilly and foggy highlands of Sapa.  Perfect with condensed milk.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate & Darkly Roasted Caramel

Ingredients: Coffee (Robusta 80%, Arabica 19.97%), Chocolate flavor

Cà Phê Đà Lạt

Medium-Coarse Grind which is best for brewing coffee in Vietnamese phin filters

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied strong taste with chocolate and caramel notes.

Ingredients: Coffee (Arabica 70%, Robusta 30%)


It is 99.99% Arabica Coffee of medium roast and natural hazelnut flavoring.

Tasting Notes: Rich smooth taste with hazelnut notes.

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